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A City & Inside This Body | Ayiyi Joel

A City

Our body is a broken city
Inside a broken city

The way a city burns & break,
Grief and hunger have broken & beaten us

A house burns,
You put the fire out.
But when the whole street is on fire,
How do you quench the thirst of flames
Drinking homes?

Even if I leave home,
The stench of my fallen home cannot
Leave my memories where they are written

Home has my umbilical cord.


Inside This Body

Inside this body
I carry as light

Darkness is eating me up inside out.
My case is the reverse

At the sight of darkness
This light flees

Breaks down & becomes something
Without its own shape

About The Author: Ayiyi Joel is a teenage budding poet from Edo state in Nigeria.
Can be reached on Facebook @ayiyi joel


Photo by Vasilina Sirotina on Unsplash

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