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A Sunset For All Ages | Ruth & Racheal Torty

Did I ever tell you
Why I love the sunset
I see a plethora of colors on you
The orange sparkles on your wrinkles
The yellow smudge on your teeth
It is same as sunrise
I have watched it on you
Glowing softly on your silky black hair

We will love each other, Abike
Until our hair turns into the color of snow
And our hands seek sticks to lean on
Our love will not be like the flowers
For they will fall away and wither
Our love must be like God’s love
Constant, unwavering and everlasting

Listen my love
When this sunset fades into darkness
We will love each other, Abike
Our love will defy seasons and ages
We will love each other into everlasting Light.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

About the authors:

Ruth Torty is first a Christian, then Biochemist and Biotechnology & Healthcare content writer. She is passionate about creating awareness on genetic disorders and enjoys sharing unusual angles in her content. She enjoys watching IAAF championships, reading novels and praying.
Say hi to her on:
Twitter: @RuthTorty
Facebook: Ruth Torty
Instagram: @ruthtorty

Racheal Torty is a Christian, pharmacist, graphics designer and blogger. She is also quite passionate about football.
Say hi to her on:
Twitter: @RachelTorty
Facebook: Racheal Torty
Instagram: @rachealtorty

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  1. Edesiri Edesiri

    Reading this one more time …. It’s heart touching

    • Ruth Torty Ruth Torty

      That’s good to know. Thank you Edesiri

  2. Dee Dee


    • Ruth Torty Ruth Torty

      Awwnnnn. Thank you Dee

  3. Edesiri Edesiri


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