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*sniff* *sniff* 
Do you smell that? 
That… that metallic ting in the air. It’s a little coppery, isn’t it? 
Oh you smell it now, don’t you? Good. 
It’s your handiwork. You did it. You should be proud, you know. 
What, you aren’t proud? Oh… you’re actually terrified? Hahaha, you’re kidding right? Tell me you’re kidding and it’s a good joke. Oh… wow. Oh wow. You aren’t joking. You’re actually serious? 
Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh I’m s-I’m-s-sorry. It’s-it’s-it’s funny! Now you feel regret??? When you grabbed the knife you felt alive! You were exhilarated even! And now you want to feel regret? Hah! You’re making me laugh. 
Oh yes. I knew you loved the feel of the knife in your hand. Do you know what I know you loved even more? Oh you know I know you enjoyed it. Don’t shy away from the truth. 
Sure… it was devastating seeing your lover and your lover’s lover humping each other in wild ecstasy. And yeah… some part wondered why you weren’t the one there with your lover having such a wild rump, tangling up the sheets as the raw smell of sex and primal lust imposed itself in the stifling air of the room. It could be why they didn’t even notice you had stepped into the room. 
Now don’t feel gullible. There weren’t really any signs pointing towards infidelity now, were there? Nah… don’t think so. 
So! It’s understandable that your vision went scarlet, and by some unknown force of nature (snicker) you headed straight to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife you could find. And as soon as you did, you got back into the room just are they were climaxing. And what good timing too! Their pitched moans masked your entrance, did you you know that? They didn’t hear the door barge open because they were lost in their climactic altitude! See what I did there? 
No? Oh don’t be like that. Sure we can share jokes! Fine fine… 
It wasn’t enough that you did your lover in. You had to take both of them out, didn’t you? You felt the pure euphoria as the knife in your hand plunged into flesh, and the notes of ecstasy transformed into notes of pain. How one lover wasn’t able to decipher the moans until the blade plunged in next. Yes… you enjoyed it. You felt rather aroused when the knife slipped right into their bodies and went through tendons and some cartilage. We both know you found it, for lack of a better word, HOT. 
And when you kept stabbing over and over and arterial blood spluttered all over? Not quite sure, but you may have climaxed yourself. Right? It was invigorating! 
So pleeeeeeeeease don’t tell me now you feel regrets. Because that smell in the air? It’s blood. The blood you spilled all over when you went stabbity stab stab. it’s on the sheets, leaking out of their bodies, the floors, walls… that looks like some blood on the curtains too, right? 
Oh yeah, you’ve got some in your hair too… 
You know… you’re going to have to do something about this… mess in the room. Oh oh oh… so that’s why you’re terrified! You don’t know what to do! Oh now I see. Yeah… makes sense as to why you’d be terrified. Huh… you want help with this? Didn’t see anyone helping you when you went McStabbington the Third on the two of them. Don’t look at me, I don’t know what you should do. 
Or do I… 
You could maybe saw away their limbs so you can easily pack them and put inside a garbage bag for… oh… you don’t want that kinda help. Well, I don’t see you coming up with any ideas beyond panicking the frik out. It’s kinda amusing watching you panic, by the way. Yes yes, fine. Sorry. Sheesh. I won’t make jokes about your predicament. 
Hear that? Yeah, that noise. Oh you heard it. So I’m not crazy. Okay… it sounds like the door and… a neighbour? What perfect timing. A neighbour comes knocking right after you’ve gutted two people in the bedroom! And you’re covered in their blood too! Fan-freaking-tastic! In case you’re wondering, I’m being sarcastic. Duh. This is a new wrinkle in your plan that isn’t a plan. Huh… the door’s open. You forgot to lock it when you stepped in. Well… seems you have one option left. 
Yeeeeeees. That’s right. Pick up the knife. It needs to taste more blood, and you need to get that climax you were denied the last time. Don’t be so prude. You know you enjoy it pretty well. Haha! That’s right! 
And you wanna know why you have that wicked grin on your face as you’re testing the edge of the blade against your skin? Easy! 
I am you. And you are me. 

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  1. PatriQ PatriQ

    I don’t know how many people who have seen this, but I do know it will be unfair if plenty many more don’t see it… It’s a wonderful story you got here

    • PC PC

      Hah! Thank you! I definitely agree more people should see it, but I’m the writer so maybe my opinion is a little biased. Nevertheless, glad the story took you places.

    • PC PC

      Hehe. Glad you got yourself in the end. The protagonist lost themselves for a bit too.

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