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Not the end | Uruemuoghene Mukoro

Ok, I agree
Things don’t always work out,
Everyone gets broken
That’s life,
You hate, regret, and block out others,
Remember to cry, shout, scream,
And just let the pain out,
Death is never an option,
Nothing can be fixed,
When you are six feet below the ground.

Call to remembrance,
What made you once smile,
Your passion and interest,
Let it light up a flame
In your cloudy heart.
Stop hiding within the shadows.

Depression is not a life sentence

Trust me I know the feeling,
Let down those titan walls,
Breathe in a new air,
With a bright glow
From one cheek to the other.

Stare into the mirror,
And you will see an amazing person,
Take a step out of it all,
Show the world you are a fighter.

About The Author: Mukoro Uruemuoghene is a Christian, in her first year studying English and Literary Studies. She is also quite passionate about designing; craft work and writing. She also enjoys reading novels, drawing and painting.


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