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Pen To Paper

Pen to paper, I’ve lost the words 

To tell 

To say 

To describe 

This abstract feeling that comes  

When I know that I really don’t 

Know anything at all; 

When I look at beauty and all I see 

Is sadness. 

When I look at the mirror and see 






It’s hard to stare at the ocean 

And not want to feel the sweet saltiness 

On your less sable skin. 

It makes you think of many things, 

Melted ice-cream on your dry lips, 

The taste of snowflakes on your warm black tongue, 

The drowned children in the village stream, 

The barren guava tree swaying in the wind, 



Coital bliss 



The afterlife. 

And then, you slowly let yourself go 




Till your feet the ocean floor meets 

Till your breath the heavy waters cease 

Till your body takes no more 

Then slowly brings your spirit 

To the Creator’s door. 

Pen to paper 

I feel it again; that urge to drift 

The urge to let go even though I know I’m not capable 

Of letting go. 

So I put my pen to paper, my mind to concentration 

And I write these colored feeling 

Black-blankness and space 

Red-love and revolt 

White-peace and regret 

Green-life and death 


Pen to paper 

I hope I have found solace 

In this blue ink. 

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  1. Olufunke Oki Olufunke Oki

    Nice poem dear, keep up the good work.🥂

    • Victor SomtoChukwu Nwankwo Victor SomtoChukwu Nwankwo

      Thank you, Funke!

  2. Patrick Patrick

    You are a very good writer and poet… I admire your works a lot and I hope to continue seeing more of it.

    • Victor SomtoChukwu Nwankwo Victor SomtoChukwu Nwankwo

      Thank you, Patrick! You sure will.

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