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Piercing Love, Be My… | Poems by Salami Alimot Temitope


My placid face,
Silently speaks of my pang.
My belligerent thoughts
Awakens me at night,
Making my heart quiver and ponder.

He steps in
Like a gallant lion
Ready to devour his prey.

His malicious countenance,
Makes my heart shudder.

His titillating eyes
gleams with gaiety
In the dark room
Night is asleep.

His hands canoodle my skin,
Phobia engulfs my heart,
I cried, but tears refused to drop.

He feeds me
With slaps for breakfast
Punches for lunch
And yells for dinner.

Nay! I will no longer endure,
A piercing love.

My eyes have seen enough
My ears have heard enough
My heart has wept enough
I will no longer endure
A piercing love.



Be my sunshine:
Engulf my life
With rays of ecstasy,
And banish the aura of gloom.

Be my flower:
Make my life bloom
And adorned with dazzling beauty,
Like peach blossoms on a spring morn.

Be my star:
A suiting partner
For the clouds at night, and
Shower my life with luminance.

Be my honey:
Sprinkle sweetness into my heart;
Let me revel like the carefree birds
Living each day like eternity.

Build my life
With the foundation of trust;
Enclose it with walls of love
Paint it with colours of hope
Roof it with joy
Dazzling to the sight.

Hold me in your arms;
Pamper me like a child
Who finds solace in mother’s bosom
After a weary long parting.

Be my partner:
Hand in hand,
We will walk
Through plains and thorns
Together we will conquer
The battles of life.

Photo by Matteo Kutufa on Unsplash

About the author:

Salami Alimot Temitope is an ardent and avid writer. She’s a student of the Lagos State University, Nigeria. She’s from Oyo State, Nigeria and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She writes with simple and factual themes, she serves as an advocate for women. She’s an aspiring novelist and playwright, she serves as a voice to the voiceless.
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  1. Ajayi Michael Testimony Ajayi Michael Testimony

    Keep inking dear!

  2. Abdulrauf Olajide Olamide Abdulrauf Olajide Olamide

    This is wow. Keep healing the world with your soothing words of wisdom.

  3. Adenike Adenike

    Wow! Amazing , that brings writing into imagination into reality.
    Piercing this i can feel the actions,the gigs that comes with being in love and innocently in love with the wrong heart

    Be My. is the joy of finding the right heart with yours.and with the use of entirely Sweet qualifying words.its just so 🥰

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