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The Widow’s Son, The Adulterous Soul and I remember | Poems By John Chinaka Onyeche

The Widow’s Son


He died trying to

Be a better father

To the son he had

Longed for years

To have as a man,

And he could not

Live long to father

The child he had

Become a dad to.


The child was born

On a Sunday morning

In the thatched house

Eastward the city,

Leaving the poor

Widow alone with

The son of their love,

Living in the fears of life.


The son became a

Creative talker at

Noon and he rose

To fame at the eve.


He remembered his

Father in the morning

And looked after the

Mother as the husband

Could have loved her.


While life was still

With the old widow,

The son married to

Her a pretty princess

And they lived happily.

The Adulterous Soul

Lie with me for a night

No, will it grant my heart

The peace of mind that

Is Out this chaos world?


If it won’t give me rest

If it doesn’t bring peace

But shame and atrocity

Then, it isn’t worth me.


Lie with me for a night

Satisfy my wanton urge

I am a wide beauty that

Stinks painted sepulchre.


Inglorious things happen

At the bottom parts of me

Ignominious lies within my

Dwelling that wreaks dignity



And I Remember

In the little town off

Eastward Ngi where

I grew up from lived a

Widow whose only

Child was all that she

Had and they lived in

Their cool mud house


Everyday she cooks

With firewood that

Smoked the heck out

Of the rich man of the

Town and this caused

Her the last inheritance

Left for her by her dead


With every passing day

She dies of chronic pains

And the cure for the rich

Man’s only daughter was

Her only means of getting

Back her inheritance from

The rich man of the city


Today her only child has

Grown and is retelling their

Story about the tales of the

Dying widow and her inheritance

About The Author: John Chinaka Onyeche (Rememberajc), is from Rivers State
and is currently living in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
An undergraduate of History and Diplomatic Studies at Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education Port Harcourt.

Twitter @apostlejohnchin

Instagram @Iam_apostlejohnchin

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