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To Vanish | The Maestro

To vanish is not to not be in existence.

It is simply the state of not being,

like the kiss of the morning’s first dew drop

or the wink of the evening’s last ray of light,

it is simply to not be.


To vanish is not to not be found anywhere.

It is plainly to be everywhere,

like the thankful covering of darkness when it is night

and the impertinent nakedness of every day,

it is plainly to not be seen.


To vanish is not to not be easily distinguished.

It is merely the instinct to not be named,

for what is not named cannot be known

and what is not known cannot be harmed,

it is merely indistinguishable.


To vanish is not to not be someone.

It is purely to exist and not live,

as the continuously resounding echo of the cry

of the last member of an endangered species,

it is purely to be me.


About the Author: Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Ezechimerem Ohaegbulam is a Microbiologist, writer, poet, graphic designer and budding guitarist.He loves beans and plantain and has an addiction to Pepsi and Coca-Cola.He writes poetry and prose as The Maestro and L.E.O. Masters respectively.He currently resides in Accra, Ghana.

Photo by Marcus Bellamy on Unsplash

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  1. Mickie Zoba Mickie Zoba

    For a lover of storytelling like me, I have found a site to always visit. Thank you Nnam.

  2. Fortune Fortune

    You know how you dont want to rush the read…yet your eyes flutter quickly through the pages…taking it all in at once. For you know that in ending, you are set free to begin again.

    Beautiful. Piece. Nicely written

  3. Daniel Daniel

    This is absolutely wonderful

  4. Dare Dare


  5. Naa dromor Naa dromor

    Indeed to vanish is not to die but to live


    The imagery here is astounding. The language is beautiful, The flow is seamless. This is sound writing.

  7. Òwìwí Òwìwí

    I need to read this again. The negatives whirl before my eyes.

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