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Tribute to Moremi | Owoeye Olajumoke

On the days we clung to our mother’s bosom

for the fear of being captured by vultures,

you released your child – an heir

as a sacrifice on the altar of freedom


You walked through the most dreaded path

into the vulture’s nest to peek

at the secret room that made masquerades

that whisked your people away from home


You came back to lead us with torches as

we marched behind you like soldiers on parade;

we burnt their shrouds to shreds

as you led our way to freedom!


Your legacy still dangles on the walls of our hearts

like large portraits, resting on our breastplate

we still reminisce:

Oh! how can we forget?

that a mother gave up her child for another’s.

Photo credit: Africa Global Radio

About the author:

Owoeye Olajumoke is a budding poet that resides in Ekiti State, Nigeria. She has a degree in biochemistry and a passion for poetry amidst other literary works and loves to listen to folktales as well as read Robert Frost and listen to Beautiful Nubia.
Facebook: Owoeye Olajumoke

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  1. Odongkara Henry Odongkara Henry

    Poignant thought

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