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Without a Roof | Ifunanya Georgia Ezeano

Sans my consent they brought me here
And without my notice they left
Leaving me at the mercy of this cruel world
To embrace its harsh reality
The Lord is thy mother; so they said
A good morning peck from the Lord; I still await
Evil child, with your heart you deoxidize your father
And your eyes you strangled your mother
Crimes I committed just by breathing

Scared of night, it tastes like hell
Watching school children, hold their mother’s hand
I wish I wasn’t even born
The cold of night knows me by name

Passerby’s change drops into my bowl
I fit only in Boma’s worn-out clothes
Of course she’s doing a me favour
A prominent person; only during election
And yes I sell my vote for a cup of rice
Kazim steals from what I have stolen
Saying he is the lord of the street

Oh! Wishes can’t be horses that’s why I own none
I dreamt; one day I am King
I ruled an empire and the world bowed at my feet
Then I woke up my head was still on a brick
And my feet without shoes

Photo by Egidijus Bielskis on Unsplash

About the author:

Ifunanya Georgia Ezeano is an author, poet, storyteller. She has some of her works published on magazines, webzine and anthologies. She believes she can change the word using poetry and writing. She believes in humanity. She loves to write, read and travel. She is a lover of knowledge and confident in her skin. She is the author of Naked; a poetry collection on Amazon and she has other unpublished works. She is currently a Psychology student of University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Find her on:
Instagram: @nanyageorgia
Twitter: @Nanya_georgia
Facebook: Ifunanya Georgia

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  1. David David

    Wonderful piece. A poem that opens the window of irritation of an orphan on the street. Every stanza dishes out firm image of the suffering associated to child exposure to harsh life. I am also overwhelmed by the author’s portrayal of humanity, intertwine in between.

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