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About Nnọkọ

Born out of the need to create, promote and publish written works and art by African writers, Nnọkọ emerged from thoughtful thinking and a beautiful process of creative gestation.

NNỌKỌ is an Igbo word for ‘togetherness‘. It is all about bringing together an army of African creatives, both content creators and artists with the aim of promoting Afrocentric expressionism. More African writers come up every day and with the proper platform of exposure, we hope through Nnọkọ, their voices embedded in prints, pictures, crafts, and soulful expressions can be heard by the world.

An offshoot of Emmyshub Online, a blog that started in 2017 and founded by blogger Nnaemeka Nnam, Nnọkọ is a little more divergent than the literature and entertainment blog. Emmyshub Online was recreated as Nnọkọ by a team of writers, editors, and photographers, with the sole purpose of promoting creative African content and publishing pen wielders for readers around the globe and appreciators of art, because, what’s art without exposure?

Periodically, we will be accepting submissions for publications. We can’t wait to publish talented African writers and we hope you reading this are among them.

For partnership, inquiries or sponsorship, please don’t be hesitant to send an email to