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The 13th Month Anthology

“Where I come from, the air is sea salt and fish. The sounds are loud road noises, trucks vrooming past, their fumes leaking into the air…”

–Dzifianu Afi.

It has been three years of nurturing and catering to the emerging voices of African writers from Africa and around the world. In those three years, we have come to read some of the finest poems, short stories, essays, and plays, and we have also had the pleasure of publishing some. In the last six months, we took some time away from publishing because it was important and inevitable for us at the time to evaluate what we stand for.

Nnoko was born out of the need to create a safe space for writers to experiment. We wanted a place where it was okay to write outside the norm, somewhere you could send your stories and have no fear of being misunderstood. After taking some time to look at the beautiful voices we have published, we realized that we have achieved our initial goal. Our writers and the stories we have published fall outside the norm, and we are very proud of that.

This 13th-month anthology is our inaugural anthology and comprises some of the finest voices we have published. Ranging from short stories, poetry, essays, and plays. This collection captures the very essence of Nnoko, and we want you to see the world through Nnoko’s eyes, to taste the salt of our flesh, to hear the rhythm of our writers’ voices. We want you to experience the beauty that is experimental fiction.

In this anthology, you will experience the natural and supernatural, you will be sucked into the world of the Old Man, into the beauty of romance in Lilea, and the world of Politics in Nation For A Day. By the end, you will emerge a different person, and the experiences of the characters in the stories and poems will stay with you for a very, very long time.

Going forward, we will announce a new structure for our submissions. This new structure will allow us to publish more anthologies, at least twice every year, but more updates on that in January. In the meantime, please enjoy the anthology.



Lilea | Martins Favour

The Old Man | Venus Chinonyerem Asoka

Nation For A Day | Phylix Chika

A Taste Of Sin | Solomon Timothy Hamza

Firelighter | Venus Asoka 

Mother’s Whip | Gentryspen 

Where the Flowers Bloom | Phylix Chika

Dorime | Ikay Chimera 

Midnight Race | Iheanacho Chidi 

All the Stories that Go Untold | Dzifianu Afi Edoh-Torgah

Reopening | Muhammed Sanni Olowonjoyin

Dragonfly | Tina Meeks

Shadows of Man | Poem By Olasubomi Samuel 




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