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Just like the name, Nnọkọ is a gathering of African Literature and Art. We are always on the lookout for fresh literature and art from African Writers and Writers of Colour. If you write or create art, we would love to hear from you.

What Are We Looking For?

Our sole purpose is promoting the creativity that the African continent possesses by publishing pen wielders for readers around the globe and appreciators of art, because, what’s art without exposure? We are looking for stories that have not often been told but should be — through voices that have not yet been heard — but should. We are interested in providing a home for stories that push the limits. Stories only you can write. Stories that give us a glimpse of just how colourful the pages of your imagination can be.


Unfortunately, Nnọkọ is unable to pay contributors at this time. However, we are working hard to reach a position where contributors can receive compensation for their work.

What We Publish

  • Short Stories
  • Series
  • Poems
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Photography

However, for our forthcoming issue, we are prioritising short stories that push the limits.

All submissions should meet the following guidelines:

Fiction, essays, humour pieces, articles, non-fiction, plays: Should be in single-spaced format and as a Microsoft Word document.

Series: This should be in single-spaced format and each chapter sent in different Microsoft Word documents.

Poetry: Single page, as a Microsoft Word document. (Three poems max per submission)

All write-ups should be no more than three thousand (3000) words. Please include any photos or graphic illustrations that you feel would help your piece.

Please Note: We do not accept multiple submissions, but we do consider simultaneous submissions. Please inform us when your work has been accepted for publication elsewhere. 

When We Accept

We are currently open for submissions until April 30th 2024.


Writers retain full rights to their work post-publication. If you would like to republish your story elsewhere, please make sure that Nnọkọ is credited and linked to as the original publisher. Work should be previously unpublished – personal blogs and websites are an exception.

Questions? Send us an email:

Photo by Katie McNabb on Unsplash