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A Stilly Afternoon | A.B. Blacks

It was 2am
The moon was out and bright
I stepped out, laying bare on the grass
Looking up, there was something unusual
I guessed the stars were on a break
The absence of the stars made it seem like afternoon
If only afternoons could be this silent.

I longed to see the real afternoon
The one without the honks and clanks
The one where nobody’s screaming in homes or offices
Just the sounds from crickets and frogs
But then, crickets rarely make sounds in the afternoon
There’d probably be a cold day in hell “that” afternoon

Nights are supposed to be lovely
Perhaps, in a sane world
Everyone’s in bed and those who aren’t are minding their businesses
Amidst all that, the world’s still a crazy place
Like a young child who learns habits that may be hard to correct by adulthood
With our hands, we have made the world into its current state
Still in thought, I heard a whisper, “we’d be back in the morning”

Photo by Bryan P.M on Unsplash

About the author:

A.B. Blacks has lived holding the philosophy that so much depends on the most insignificant things. He enjoys reading YA fiction and watching animes.

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