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Flawless | o.l.a.d.i.m.e.j.i

Your design wasn’t to be flawed
You were the simple yet perfect masterpiece— a delectable adornment
Your engineering wasn’t to be faulted
An antique so constructed to astonish every beholder of your grace, a love piece

Yet, look what they’ve made you
Oh, look what they’ve turned you into

They are the whispers of the night, beckoning to the warmth of your bed at the expense of your alone time
They are the mutterings of daylight, clamoring the attention that was all His in your study time

Look how they’ve changed you
Oh, look how strange He has become to you

These pressures, society created and self-imposed
These coercions, ill-defined successes and media propagandas

Of them you’ve tasted, for them you fell.

These flaws, faults and all, yet know you stand apart
Creation carved in everlasting beauty
These falls, struggles and all, yet know your build is to thrive
Creation fashioned in clay, smitten with grace

I’ve loved you to no fault, look within and see the true masterpiece you are, unflawed.
There’s redemption to them that seek it, don’t stay flawed!

Photo by Peter Chiykowski on Unsplash

About the author:

Oladimeji Olatunji may be described as a writer who loves to illustrate God’s love in pieces long and short. He also enjoys musing on affairs of the heart and societal norms.

Find him on:
Instagram: @o.l.a.d.i.m.e.j.i

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