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6-14-17, Mint Green & Other Poems | Tina Meeks


This is all a love story


Pretending to be solid on the surface

and beyond our binding skin

Instead, solidity is false through substance

and a mindset

By the end of the night, it’s a broken heart

Too tender to handle








Mint Green

Can we take our time?
Can we relish and roam in one another?
You are a pigment of green.
I am a figment of something
or someone’s dream
or a wasted memory
washed up
or a pile laid neat.
You are resilient
and nothing ordinary.
I confess this is nonsense
but I do not care.



Lips parting,
like the slits of the moon.
Dusk pours in,
like an hourglass, waiting.
Brushing the soot of the day away.
You walked in just then.
If only we danced
the very first time Dreams
played on the radio

The world keeps moving.
My interpretation of you
is that, sometimes you feel alone
even if alone means smiling
and people are deafening.

You can’t tell me
there’s never a moment of utter inspiration
when the noise begins to make sense
and scattered stories
come together like puzzles.
You can’t tell me that most lyrics
at some point or another
aren’t relative.

I believe you will always be
someone new
and you will remain you
simply by wherever you’re taken.

The calm before the storm.
You are the aftermath.
The avalanche.
The evidence of a committed crime.
You are the pupil of this world.
The terrene I wish to embody.
A collaboration of sights worth reaching
and whatever precipice you’re up against
has nothing on resiliency.


About The Author: Tina Meeks is a Bay Area born poet and event coordinator. In 2018, she self-published her first book, Adolescence. Tina has also published work with Rigorous Mag, Nnọkọ African Literature, Other Worldly Women Press, and UMOJA: ToPoJo Black Diaspora Edition. When she’s not writing, Tina’s juggling, adventuring, and making friends everywhere.

Photo by Arjun Mathur on Unsplash

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