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Letter to Ronke | Abas Dan

Dear Ronke,

Cuddle me tonight,
for last night my mat tried,
but not as lovely as yours
stroking my back with timid palms.

Cradle me today,
for I missed your silk palms,
caressing my skin gently
right under your arms.

Sit with me tonight,
and let’s count the stars together
for I missed the figures last night,
counting like a poor dummy kid.

Lay me at your cleavage, Ronke,
and let me fondle your ‘chest-beads’
as I sing to the tunes of your moans,
while we stir jealousy among the moons.

Stroll with me tonight
and let’s rob the night of her sleep,
for she slept well last night
snoring like a lazy nanny.

Play me your violin,
and let’s hit the crescendo
for last night it played in diminuendo
like Father Jude’s morning mass songs.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

About the author:

Abas Dan is a young writer and poet who is peculiar with his voice which gives light to a dark world. He has written series of poems, articles, short stories and others in various literary genre. He is a student of English and Literature at University of Uyo, Uyo.

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  1. Edwin Olu Bestman Edwin Olu Bestman

    Beautiful love poem

    • Abas Dan Abas Dan

      Thank you, buddy.❤️

  2. Uko Inyang Uko Inyang

    Am happy for Abas Dan my son and friend, keep it up the fire in you.

  3. Jeniayn Jeniayn

    Moonlight dance of love portrayed so elegantly beautiful using the contrast of life with and without that special love. Beautifully written.

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