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Shadows of Man | Poem By Olasubomi Samuel

When the cock coughs,

to the stream

have I gone

treading slippery paths

with nimble feet:

to fill

every man’s pot;

To quench the thirst of his needs.

When the sun rises

from his slumber,

to the farm

have I gone —

wobbling through crooked

paths with nimble feet:

to fill every man’s baskets;

To fill the throats of his needs.

When the day yawns

and spread its mat,

to the market

have I gone —

salty droplets dripping

from the

branches of my hair:

to carry every man’s tubers

of burdens;

To rest the legs of his needs.

When darkness

locks the gate of brightness,

to my home

have I gone —

bones cracking noisily,

like shattered pots at the bank of the stream:

to count the harsh cowries

on my weary hands;

To sleep with cries oozing

like the blood of a ritualed goat.

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

About The Author: Olasubomi Samuel is a student at Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a prolific fiction artist, poet, and playwright.
He sees writing as a valuable tool to change the world; therefore, most of his works are geared towards impacting the world positively.
Facebook [Olasubomi Samuel] & Instagram @olasubomi_samuel

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  1. Toluwa Toluwa

    Fantastic. Keep it up dear

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